Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chapultepec Park

Mexico City's largest park is Chapultepec Park. It's local name is Bosque de Chapultepec, which stands for "hill of the grasshoppers." It was once under rule of the Toltecs. It is said that Huemec, a Toltec leader, hung himself in 1177 after fleeing from Tula. It has become a focal point for Mexico City. It's 2.5 sq.miles hold much to entertain, including amusement parks, lakes, and a zoo. One of the most interesting spots to check is "La tradiciĆ³n del castillo de Chapultepec." It has been the home of Mexican presidents since the fourteenth century. Among all the enertainment there are several museums, zoo, botanical gardens, amusement park, and even a Hall of Fame cememtery. For those of you that aren't into any of that the park also has centuries old forests, several small lakes, andmany outdoor cafes. The 1,800 acres of Chapultepec Park will have something for you, it is something you won't want to miss!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mexican Independence Day(extra credit)

The Mexican Independence day is a celebration that is bigger than Cinco De Mayo. It is a fiesta celebrating their freedom from Spain, much like the fourth of July in the United States. The celebrating starts on September 15 and a huge square in Mexico City is decorated with flags, flowers, and lights.The colors in the Mexican flag has important meaning:the green symbolizes independence, the white symbolizes religion, and the red symbolizes unity. The crowds watch the clock as the clock strikes eleven o'clock and grow silent as it does. Then the president of Mexico steps out upon the palace balcony, rings the liberty bell, and then shouts "Viva Mexico" and "Viva la independencia". The crowds echo it back as the air fills with confetti, streamers and noise. This celebration continues to September 16th. This day is filled with rodeos, parades, bullfights, and a feast, while people decorate the town with the symbolizing colors of their flag.

Tom Boonen Wins slowest stage of Tour of Spain

Tom Boonen, a Belgian sprinter, won the 16th stage(the slowest) of the Vuelta de Espana(Tour of Spain).The riders in the race decided to ride a stage slower than usual as a protest. Total rebellions. Their average speed was 34km per hour, which was way below the usual speed 0f 40km per hour. They were going so slow that it took the riders a whole hour to complete the first 15km!!!!!!
Boonen has already this year won a stage of this years race beating Fillipo Pozzato and Heinrich Haussler to the finish line.